bed and breakfast closed may 2010

Hamilton Bed and Breakfast). This riverside Hamilton B&B has the Waikato river in its back yard. The house is a restored 1926 Homestead, with 5 luxury furnished rooms, all with ensuites.

The phrases around Hamilton Accommodation? were very competitive, and with a small Bed and Breakfast in Hamilton with only 5 rooms, It would not be appropriate trying to rank for such phrases. What we have done instead, is go specifically for the Hamilton Bed and Breakfast? phrases.

On Page Optimisation

The first thing we checked was whether there were multiple URLs for each page - the classic example being and We changed the .htaccess so that there was one URL per page.

All the meta descriptions were the same, so we made the default nothing (to avoid duplicate content issues) and wrote proper meta descriptions for the pages we wanted to rank.

We then made seo friendly titles on these pages (containing our main search phrases), and proceeded to write up the content.

Initially the home page had no text on it (apart from an ad on the right) so they didn’t have much of a chance of ranking for anything. We added in descriptive text containing our chosen search phrases that we had already added into the page title and meta description.

We optimised the property page for other B&B phrases and the contact page for the company name.

Often sites leak out their linking power by not being careful with links. Weed the booking link on Riverglade because that went to an off site secure server, which didn’t need any link power coming through to it.

Internet Marketing

Getting rankings on Google is only part of the overall picture of being an SEO. As with any marketing professional, you can’t rely on one source of advertising, such as ranking high on Google.

We created Riverglade accounts on, Google Local business listing and a number of other popular directories. Check out the Zoomin listing - Hamilton Bed and Breakfast and the Finda listing - Hamilton Bed and Breakfast, and aboutus Riverglade (but these areed links now), and our NZS Hamilton Bed and Breakfast listing.

Google Rankings

We are looking forward to seeing how just adding these words onto the page will alter Riverglade’s rankings.

Hamilton Bed and Breakfast - from 57th on 26 May 2008, to 11th on 11 July 2008. Not bad at all.