Healthaire is an Auckland/Christchurch based heat pump manufacturer and installer. I like working with businesses that consider themselves best in their business. The owner Curtis has all the facts and figures as to why their home ventilation system has better air flow, better pumps, air filters… Click through and find out why you need one of the HealthAire Heat pumps installed in your home!

The competitors in the market place have big franchises and marketing $ - DVS, HRV and others. Heat pumps are certainly rather popular with all the talk about damp homes, mould, moisture, home ventilation, and dust.

Search Engine Optimisation of Healthaire

Search Phrase Selection

The first exercise is always search phrase selection. With all the advertising, the brands are searched for by name, and its good to be able to rank for them, and offer an alternative. Check through the Healthaire Ventilation website, and see if you can pick the phrases that have been optimised for.

Adding the words onto pages

Then there is the subtle addition of those words into the text. Trying to get as many words into specifically the home page, then having pages for many other phrases.

Website issues

The original website was in Front Page type format. Made it not so easy to amend since the original copy needed to also be updated. So I used PHP includes for some elements to mimic front page, and added a little tidying up as well as the SEO. PHP includes make it a lot easier for random people to update the website, without having to go through the front page complications. Correct, its not in a CMS, but we are not here to rewrite websites, just get things looking and ranking better.

Yes, the deciding factor in SEO is generally the quality and quantity of the incoming links. Until now, I have been interested in seeing what rankings can be achieved with few additional inbounds, and just onpage SEO. However, with a variety of search phrases that the website needs to rank for, its hard to achieve without addition of a range of extra inbound links.

Links include pages like from Finda’s Heat Pumps Healthaire page, and Yellows Healthaire Superventilation Systems page, their Yellow Condensation Control page, and Wises Condensation Control page.

I am fascinated how the Wises page is ranking so well, but the Yellow page is not ranking at all well for the same phrase. What is the difference? Well, the Wises page has a paragraph on the page that includes the search phrase several times. The Yellow page has the phrase mentioned several times, but not in proper sentences. In fact, the top ranking Condensation Control page on Yellow, is one that has the sentence in a proper paragraph! My linking to Healthaire’s Yellow listing is probably going to be enough to get the Healthaire listing ranked instead. And I will try and get them to add a better description onto the listing.

If you are interested in other uses of Heat Pump technology, see the Econergy Heat Pump Water Heaters

Unique Text

The website has been optimised for several months, and has ranked top ten for some of its phrases. Websites have then found the Healthaire website, and scrapped the content in order to make pages on their own websites. Specifically the words around the main search phrases in the home pages meta description and opening paragraphs. Rankings have gone down several times, and come back up again when we have made the content of the meta description and opening paragraphs unique again.

It is a never ending battle to fight a bug in the Google algorithm that lets such a situation happen.

ie say the meta description included: “Find out about a Healthaire Heat Pump system and enquire to install one in your home”

Other websites could copy that text, and add it onto their pages.

Then when you did a search on Google for say “about a Healthaire Heat Pump” - using the quotes around the phrase, you would find a number of websites with that phrase used.

Because the text around the first instance of the search phrase was therefore no longer unique between the websites, Google would therefore lower the rankings for the search phrase. Yes, this sux big time, and Google seem to not acknowledge the existence of the bug, nor be interested in correcting it.

I wrote about this in August 2008 Sites Disappearing from Google, and worked hard at bringing it to Google’s attention, to no avail.

All the best Healthaire.