There is a new entrant to the Heat Pumps Auckland and New Zealand market. Heat Pump Masters is operated by SearchMaster’s Michael Brandon and is a lead generating website for New Zealand heat pump installers.

img]/images/heat-pump-masters-auckland.jpg/img] The journey to the top ten for organic verses paid listings is a lengthy one. It is based on proper on-page Search Engine Optimisation as well as a solid linking strategy over a period of months. Once top ten organic rankings are reached for main phrases, there are many other related phrases that need to be worked on for best rankings and traffic. A lead generating website is another alternative to a business having a ranking website themselves. Alternatively, it is another website that will rank top ten as well as their own and so get a higher percentage of qualified leads. Making sure they are part of the lead generator website will ensure it is not a competitor getting those leads.

A good domain name is an important part of the mix. Another competitor has just entered the market with an domain including the words Auckland Heat Pump. This is currently ranking higher than Heat Pump Masters website given the “Auckland” in the domain name. But such rankings is something that a few strategic links should over time be able to outrank. In addition, the site is not able to easily rank or convert for phrases relating to other cities. A true competitor is one that is ranking top ten for trafficked phrases. Without such rankings or strategy to get there, it is generally unsustainable to buy traffic for a lead generator website.

Traffic via AdWords is expensive and it is better that businesses use AdWords themselves rather than using a lead generator.

About Heat Pump Masters

New Zealand home and business owners can save power and save the environment with a heat pump from Heat Pump Masters. With installers in each of New Zealand’s main centres, they have a service agent near you.

Why choose an everyday electric heater that converts electricity to heat at 100% efficiency when you can have a heat pump that converts at over 400% efficiency. A heat pump takes heat from the outside air via a refrigerant. The only power needed is for pumping of refrigerant and pushing of heated air to your room. The Mitsubishi 3.2kW DC Inverter Wall Mounted unit is rated at 4.37 - ie 437% efficiency for heating, and 4.28 being 428% efficiency for cooling.

However, many people have higher power costs after they have installed a heat pump.

  • It is wise to invest in insulation, as this can save 20% in heating costs.
  • Large windows can add another 10%. It is recommended that you have thick curtaining down to the floor if possible, and that you of course close them when you have the heat pump on. Curtains are recommended both for winter to keep the heat in, and summer to keep the heat out.
  • Because of the “cheapness” of heat pump heat, people tend to have the heat pumps on for longer than they would a heater. Heat pumps heat a higher percentage of the rooms air giving a more comfortable heat. Therefore once they have been on more than 4 times what they would use an electric heater, they are using more power. Modern heat pumps have timer and Wi-Fi controls, and if you use the controls right, you can have them on only as much as you need, and not waste power.

Heat Pump Masters offers carefully selected installers from each region of New Zealand who will give the right advice. They will help select the right rated heat pump for each room, and even suggest a ducted system so as to use less air conditioning units.

Once we have installers, people will be able to find an installer near them - Heat Pump Masters covers Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington of New Zealand’s North Island. They also cover [Christchurch]( and Dunedin of the South.

Contact Michael Brandon at 021 728889 if you have a heat pump installation business and would like to be part of Heat Pump Masters.