When you next plan for a holiday, consider Holiday Homes in New Zealand rather than a hotel or camping ground. In fact, I am planning a midyear holiday and might just use the site for obtaining some accommodation.

##An impressive website I am most impressed with the New Zealand Holiday Homes HolidayHomes website - maps, contact details, pages for every region, some holiday homes have availability calenders… Then pages for New Zealand Holiday Homes for Sale, finance information… A lot of work has gone into the website. It is a pleasure getting such a deserving website higher on the search engines.

##Opportunities for Improvement HolidayHomes have been ranking well for their home page and even have site links for their listing with the search phrase ‘New Zealand Holiday Homes’. However, many of their internal pages were not ranking well for region related phrases.

Just like the ABC Airways Breathing Circulation Emergency Department checklist that my doctor sister reminded me of this last weekend, websites have the same ABC style test to bring them back from the dead.

  • Search phrase selection
  • Phrase in the head
  • Phrases in the body Apart from a rather long report on technical issues that HolidayHomes are still working through, the main issues related to these three steps.

  • We decided to target accommodation as well as holiday homes, to broaden the scope of the website.
  • Rather than ‘For rent’ appearing at the front of the title, we added ‘Location Accommodation, Location Holiday Homes for Rent’. Given the competitiveness of Accommodation related phrases, we had that phrase at the front. They ought to rank well for holiday homes, since the phrase is in the domain name so they don’t have to have that phrase at the front.
  • Most of the pages did not have the search phrases in the text of the page. Once those words have been added, the pages will be able to rank that much easier. There are some 600+ “for rent” pages on the site. Because the pages are so important, we have decided to manually add the SEO text, and tweak the SEO of existing content of the pages.

The same pages exist for the “For Sale” section. However, for this section we have decided to use a formula/programming to add the text (still being completed). They had reused the text of the ‘For Rent’ section, but since Google likes original content between pages, we quickly deleted that text.

##How to Emphasise Specific Pages There are a number of highly competitive and profitable region pages - the main tourist spots. Before we came, Google had picked the “wrong page” on the HolidayHomes site as its top page for many phrases. It is important to decide yourself what page on your site should get top for a search. And then make sure that your onpage SEO and internal and external inbound links support that decision. We are working through these steps for the HolidayHomes site.

##Competition The AA is working with HolidayHomes’ competitor, so it is rather important that we get things totally right on HolidayHomes. We don’t have the links from such a powerful site as the AA. Nor do we have the traffic that such a brand name brings both from its web and non web presence.

##Links Required Links from our SearchMasters group of websites, and this article will provide some power. This will feed through the whole website, driving internal pages higher on the search engines. But it is likely that we will also need specific links for specific internal competitive pages. Taupo, Queenstown, Rototua etc. We will need to go to related region websites for such links. But first, we need to see what rank the existing SEO will achieve for the pages. No need to waste effort on links if the pages rank high already.

Patience and time…. such things are not the easiest for businesses who want things yesterday. But thats the name of the SEO game.

All the best HolidayHomes - I look forward to seeing your Google analytics graph trend upwards rather nicely over the next weeks and months.

##Some Competitive Phrases - and Good Areas to Holiday Taupo Holiday Homes - Many holiday homes around the lake and in the central Taupo township. Close to the central ski fields as well as on a lakefront, this is definitely one of the top tourist spots of New Zealand.

Queenstown Holiday Homes - Queenstown is the action capital of New Zealand. And definitely my favourite place. On the edge of an amazing lake with hills whose cliff edges reach for the stars. Skifields, gondola, jetboating, Bungy jumping, helicopters, tramping, gold panning, … something for everyone.

Rotorua Holiday Homes - Another top holiday spot on a lakes edge, only this one is in the middle of a steaming cauldron of volcanic activity. A gondola lets you see the view, mud packs and hot pools bathe away the aches and pains of the day, tramps around the incredible scenic areas, jetboating, a kiwi enclosure, museums, … One of my most enjoyable Christmas holiday breaks has been around Rotorua.

A member of a local programming usergroup phpug is trying to get their parents Whangamata Beach Home listed on Google. The easiest way to first get it cached is via a link like this. And of course some onpage SEO - the phrase actually needs to be included on the page.