Just how good is your onpage SEO for a search phrase? Google has introduced some analysis tools for Adwords. There is a quality indicator as part of the Adwords algorithm. If your page is defined as relevant for the search phrase that you are targeting, you pay less as compared to when your page is not considered relevant.

While this is a tool primarily for Adwords, it also introduces a test for onpage SEO for organic search. Yes, I personally know and teach what is good onpage SEO. But its nice to get some reassurance, and its a good teaching point for people who may be trying to rank for a phrase, but have not properly included those words even on the page.

As part of properly marketing your business, Adwords is certainly recommended. You need to make sure that you are working at ranking top for many phrases organically, but you are not always able to immediately be top. You also get more clicks through to your organic result if you rank high organically, as well as your pay per click Adwords adverts. People see your high organic ranking, see your Advert, and consider that you must therefore have a service/product worthwhile to visit.

But while using Adwords is a good idea, you need to know that you are getting results from your adverts. You can add tracking to your thank you pages both after sales, and after enquiry’s via thank you pages. See what phrases people are finding you for, and therefore the profitability of ranking high for those phrases.

So my recommendation

  • work at your organic results
  • Promote your business with Google Adwords
  • measure results
  • check that your pages are in fact relevant for the phrases you are organically and Adword targeting. Note: “Organic” - non paid rankings on Google. The results shown on Google based on the relevancy to the search phrase selected, strength of the domain, inbound links etc.