A client asked the question of whether we should be focusing on the Microsoft search engine Bing. So just how popular is Bing in New Zealand?

There have been Hitwise search engine market share figures in the past that have put Google at 90%+. In the USA, comscore reports that Bing based searches have over 25% of the search market.

So I decided to do some research based on traffic into client websites where the client was top of both Google and Bing for the given search phrases. If the client was the top on both Google, and Bing, then you would expect the percentage click throughs to approximate the overall popularity of the search engine.

I am reporting percentages to honour the confidentiality of the clients figures


Citylodge.co.nz ranks top on Google and bing for the phrase “city lodge auckland”, being the top searched for phrase on Google for the business.

In the last month - “city lodge auckland” - Bing 1.6%, Yahoo 2.8%, Google 95.6%


Electronic Cigarette related phrases for elusionelectroniccigarette.co.nz - Elusion is ranking top on both Bing (nz sites only) and Google.co.nz

In the last month Bing gives less than 1.5% of the overall traffic

Enough said!!! Bing is not a particularly popular search engine in New Zealand