SearchMasters is a relatively new business and we are learning “How to be seen as an SEO expert”. So while leafing through my emails, the following article took my interest - 5 Principles for SEO Success by Eric Enge of StoneTemple SEO. My take - Freely give, freely receive. Give and it shall be given to you, all very Christian principles. Here is my summary, but please read the original article linked above:

  • Become an Expert - Show you are an expert. Have a website that shows off your expertise. When you have real expertise people give you links freely.

Yes, I need to give a little more information away on SearchMasters. It is not easy - what do you give away when its something that you also want to sell. However, I have given the SEO vBulletin formula away on my own vBulletin forum. I continue to get lots of business from the page with people not wanting to do the work themselves.

  • Share your expertise freely - when you share freely you become a magnet. People want to get close so they can learn. When speaking at conferences, share freely, don’t just treat as a sales pitch.

This is absolutely what the SearchMasters seminars are. Full of detailed, specific take home points. I went to the Search Engine Position conference in Sydney March 2007. While there was a lot of great content, each presenter did not have much time, and it was hard for them to have that much detail. Details shows people you really know your stuff. When presenters gave detail, the people sought feedback from, really appreciated it. You can get waffle and generalities from the net, a conference should give meaty detail.

  • Be Social - *In addition to the basics of sharing your expertise, get out there and meet and learn the players in your space. Make comments in their blogs. Add value to the dialogue on their sites. *

Getting out there to businesses in New Zealand with SEO seminars is focus right where people are. Stepping outside the bounds of the internet.

The Search Engine Position conference was great for being able to speak to people I have only ever chatted via Skype, emails, or instant messaging with. My SEO friend the Virgin Galactic Founding traveler Mark Rocket whom I have only emailed and talked via phone. I was able to speak to other SEO consultants and find out about nuances of business. How it was hard to get corporates to put their SEO recommendations into action. Website owners sought me out as my questions of the presenters showed my expertise. I have a number of leads to follow up. It was a great conference for leads. As electronic as the world is, face to face takes some beating.

  • Be Creative - *Being creative enables your products and services to stand out. Have a promotional strategy that is novel and creative. *

I consider that the SEO seminars are certainly a creative way of taking SEO to the people. Being part of WDANZ (Web Developers Association of New Zealand) is a great way of being bigger than myself. Seeking speaking rights at other seminars also builds the business.

  • Be Opportunistic - When opportunity comes knocking, be ready to jump.

What other opportunities are there out there. Take them. Give it a go!

So that is my progress on how to be seen as an SEO Expert. What is your progress in your field? I would like to help you become an SEO expert for your website, and your web development business. Lets be the best together and raise the game for worldwide web development.