If you had been to my seminars you would have heard it - “How to kick a website out of Google” - this is big news that is just hitting the blogzone. But please read the following article on how websites are being removed out of Google.

Google Proxy Hacking

Its all in my seminars, but here is a summary for you:

  • 302 temporary redirects can still hurt websites - get rid of them
  • duplicate content of any sort between websites can get your pages removed from Google
  • If a url from a proxy website contains your content, your website can be removed from Google, or individual pages can be removed.
  • If your key content - ie opening paragraph containing your search phrases is duplicated around the web, change that opening paragraph
  • Some websites will continue to copy your content, so you may need to work at stopping their spiders seeing your website

The article linked above talks about specific code that you can use to stop proxy’s accessing your website. But the duplicate content issue still remains.

You need to occasionally Google for the say 8 words around the search phrases mentioned in your opening paragraph - “the first 8 words around search phrase” - and see if any other sites are shown.

All the best. Please don’t try and kick a website out of Google. There are enough things that can go wrong without having a website being the victim of a malicious attack.