Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy HBOT prolonged the life of Wayne Reynolds following complications with his fight against leukaemia. He lives on through the work of the Wayne Reynolds Trust. They are seeking donations to enable others to benefit from HBOT treatment. SEO of the website was interesting. What phrases were relevant to rank high on Google for?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is effective for a variety of medical conditions. So we created a page for not just the treatment and its short form HBOT, but for each main condition. We are leaving it to the trust to research and write up each condition, to flesh out the pages.

People are searching on the net as an important part of seeking treatment for their condition. We are seeking high rankings for these conditions so people will find out about HBOT therapy. These people may also have trust funds for helping others.

Are you interested in donating to the Wayne Reynolds Trust? Even linking to them would be helpful.

Another issue was the lack of inbound links. Even though the website had been online for several months, the website had not been found by Google. It is essential to have inbound links, otherwise no matter what onpage SEO work you do, the website will not be found.

There are several more issues that we are working through, but we wanted to add this short article to get the website some of those needed links.