The Shoe Business

Jekz shoes sell the Earth Shoes branded products - womens shoes and mens shoes. Earth Shoes have some fascinating technology. The sole slopes backwards 3.7 degrees, meaning that the toe is slightly higher than the heel. The shoes are more comfortable when standing and walking/running long periods. Your posture is better with the shoes, leading to better muscle development and back alignment.


Jekz spent up large on a fantastic looking website, but with few sales coming through, they needed an SEO expert. If you have not picked proper search phrases, not added them to the right places on the page, and not got inbound links, the website is worth little! You need to get traffic somehow.

But why would an Australian company search on for “SEO” - he had several large quotes from Australian SEO’s, and was looking for someone of a similar cultural background to Australia, some exchange rate advantage, and someone willing to work within an existing Content Management System (CMS). So many people will only work with a client if they transfer to the SEO companies CMS. We work with existing developers, and so much easier if the website is programmed in PHP.

We have now directly tweaked the existing CMS, and have certainly not broken it. It has been an interesting learning exercise getting our heads around the Pat Template system. I have been quite impressed with it actually!

Search Engine Optimisation

The SEO goal for Jekz Shoes - Lets aim for the stars, and work at getting top 5 for the following phrases - I have listed the traffic for each search phrase per Google for January 2009:

  • Womens Shoes - 49,500
  • Shoes Women - 165,000
  • Mens Shoes - 27,100
  • Vegan Shoes - 590
  • Earth Shoes - 1600 and other phrases

I have assessed the competition for the phrases, and am very surprised that some of the top 20 sites are not well SEO’ed, or have low achievable PR and incoming links.

Yes, it will be a challenge to get well ranked for the above phrases, it will take a number of months, even longer than a year. But the client is keen, the business and website seems quality enough to be worthwhile being ranked top… Lets see how close those stars are.


Homepage SEO

The graphics of the home page did not make it easy to add more content. I had to move some of the images slightly to give room for an opening paragraph.

Then I carefully worded a closing paragraph that include more search phrases. By starting the paragraph with “Thanks for visiting”, I gave permission for adding such a footer. I was also able to add the strange orientation of the search phrase “Shoes Women” - using the phrase “Shoes Women love”, “Shoes Men Love”.


Best SEO for a shopping website means finding a good number of categories that a given range of products can fit into. Each of these pages then need to be properly SEO’ed. None of the category pages were SEO’ed - I have added proper titles, and opening paragraphs to each. I have chosen to not have meta descriptions to save some time. The opening paragraphs can suffice.

I looked through the products, and saw there were “running shoes”, found there was good traffic for the phrases mens running shoes, and womens running shoes, and so added those categories to the site. They joined the existing Mens Boots, Mens Sandals and Womens Sandals, as well as categories for casual, active and vegan shoes. While few people are looking for “active shoes” etc, some are categories that fit within the website. Not all pages need to be specifically for SEO, some can be for usability once people get to the website.

Google analytics

I had some fun programming for the Google analytics ecommerce module. On the thank-you page after purchase of a product, you can send Google details of what has been sold. This can then be tracked as to the search phrase, website or adwords from where the sale originated. I had to get my head around their templating system, what variables were available, and programming for sending details of each product that had been purchased to Google. It certainly would be easier for someone who is skilled at programming in their templating system, but then they might not have the skills to get the analytics system working. Easier to do myself, and just get it done.

To the top will be a lengthy process, but with all journey’s, you have to start somewhere, and with the right strategy and preparation.

Getting enough quality links will be a challenge, and will be interesting to see how much effort it takes. We can’t push too hard too fast, or Google will see it as spam and downgrade the website.

All the best Jekz Shoes!