Joomla SEO Case Study - The yesIdo website that we based this on is no longer, but the article about what we did with it is still a good read.

The site was built with the Joomla package, and I have been privileged to work with my brother and contractor Stephen Brandon who is a Joomla expert. Stephen is a great addition to the team.

Can Google find all pages?

The first step was finding out how Google was able to find pages within the website. The directory section was all javascript/ajax based, and no url’s were accessible to the search engines. Similarly, the venues section was also ajax/javascript based, and their content was not accessible via individual url’s. Rather than recode those pages, we kept the javascript/ajax functionality, and made a sitemap that included url’s to those pages. Now Google is able to find them, and so several hundred more pages available.


Titles, meta descriptions, h1’s and opening paragraphs were next on the agenda. But with a big website, some of this is the ongoing responsibility of the client to steadily work through the many pages of the website.

The home page had previously had no keyword rich text on the page. We found some of the most highly trafficked phrases, and added them to the title, and content of the page.

URL rewrite

A big item was upgrading the website to the latest Joomla version, and then getting all the modules working for the URL rewrite. A number of the url’s did not rewrite properly, and underlying coded needed to be found and bug fixed. Its why I personally like to use one Content Management system (Jojo CMS) and master it for the sites I personally develop. It is a painful exercise having to bug fix other peoples code, and know that the next SEO client is going to be using yet another CMS that we will have to similarly master! It is SearchMasters skill to quickly get to know yet another CMS, and I am often teaching the developer about how to best use their own CMS… but it does get tiring ;)

It is always a balancing act of wanting to do the best, yet within budget. There is always another day for stage 2 and 3 of SEO tweaks. But I know that with what we have done, we will get a substantial traffic increase.