In the last week 1-8 February 2013, domains have been accepted as domains by Google rather than as subdomains. Rankings on Google that had been suffering are now greatly improving, giving a welcome traffic boost. The acceptance has been brought about by my personal lobbying on the Google Webmaster Tools Forum.

The new top level TLD was launched at 10am on Tuesday 11 September 2012. In the first 15 minutes over 1000 domains were registered. However, it took Google until this February 2013 week to start treating as a top level domain rather than all domains being a subdomain of it.

Subdomains are not ranked as high on Google as domains. This meant that for many businesses using their domain, they have been unable to achieve the rankings they deserved on Google. While it is early days yet, already there have been significant increases in rankings across a range of phrases for clients from 30 January 2013 to 8 February 2013.

In addition, in Google Webmaster Tools, they have been unable to use a number of the functions available list* not been able to select the www version of the domain as a preference as compared to the non www version

  • not been able to use the change of address facility when moving domains

I first noticed the issue in October, and raised it as an issue on the Webmaster Tools Product Forums on 13 October 2012. It was not until I Google+ messaged a moderator about the thread, that the matter was properly discussed, and the thread escalated to Google’s attention. Within a week, the matter was fixed. Praise God!!!