How do you market a new innovative Ladder Accessories product? The Stabilad is a simple but effective add-on to the top of an aluminium ladder. It transforms the safety and ease of using extension ladders. Click through to find out how you can enhance your ladder safety with this inexpensive product.

While the website looked acceptable, it had no ability to get ranked high on Google for its search phrases. While other forms of marketing are indispensable, getting the website high on Google is one way that the client can get sales. It is also a another avenue to get enquiries from potential retailers. High Google rankings can be another sales pitch for the product. SEO comes in a number of parts - onpage, onsite, and links.

I determined that the most searched for phrases relating to the website included the following:

  • Ladders
  • Step Ladders
  • Ladder Accessories
  • Ladder Safety
  • Extension Ladders
  • Aluminium Ladders I added those phrases to the title, meta description, h1 and text on the page. Where there was not room for all the phrases, I added the text or their plurals/singular versions to the words on the home page.

The main SEO focus was on the home page. With small sites, I find that home pages get ranked for most main and related phrases, even for phrases not directly in the page’s title. It is important though to make sure that the other pages of the site have unique titles/meta descriptions/h1’s/opening paragraphs.

To get a consistent header/footer, I stripped the existing html off the static pages, and added header and footer php include files. I also did a partial tidy up of the html code, and fixed some technical SEO errors.

Since the objective is to get more sales, there were a few visual enhancements that were also made to the website, including a new “Buy Now” button for the home pages that will soon be added.

Google analytics was added, and the site registered with Google Webmaster tools. Google webmaster tools is providing an ever increasing range of tools. The latest addition shows the top 20 search phrases that the website has been found, and the Google rankings for each of them by month.

Next up was link building. The site was submitted into our link building program being this article, directory links, and links from out SearchMasters group of websites. Without links, the wording changes are basically worthless. However, since the search phrases are what I term “competitive”, it is likely that there will be a sandbox period, and that the site will not rank for its search phrases for another 6+ months. That is a long wait!

All the best John Dawson for your Stabilad Ladders Accessory and Safety website. May the traffic through your website improve and your sales increase.

Extras - what other search phrases are being looked for that people would buy the Stabilad accessory for? Mens Gifts, Birthday Gifts for Men - yes, a good number of searches for those phrases. So we have created a page for it. Lets see how well we can rank for it over time. Rather a competitive phrase for an inner page.