Quote from link building class week 2 ? Aggressive ? 60-70% general, 30-40% text links ? Conservative ? 10-20% text, 80-90% general links Very interested that there is only 30-40% text links. That is real low.

? Analyze the competition ? match good links ? Focus on quality can eliminate the lead competitors have in time

Google is aware of both 2 way, AND 3 way links

week 3 Link text may be analyzed as PART of the page, or as a separate document? depending on the search engine ? Word order is less important than you think, exact phrases are less important ? A few extra words here and there won’t hurt ? mix in modifiers; single words help phrases ? Use link text to support plurals, variations, etc. (examples: remote SEO training, SEO training online, link building, building links) ? When you dig into keyword strategy, modifiers and variations can explode on you ? link text is a way to support many more search terms on the same page. ? Keyword in a link may be more effective than using it in the TITLE (rule of thumb, 2 links = 1 title) ? Same link text = begging for trouble.

Wow - interesting, since I place so much emphasis on EXACT link text. But then again, the talk about many different search phrases for the same page follows my methods very well.

week 2 - ranking high gets you even more links - from people that link and use your site as a reference

week 4 - directory submission an important part of ranking - as part of the overall strategy

week 5 - article submission - not just “article” sites. Think about online newspapers and other online publications that are proper websites in their own right. week 6 - get affiliates, and make sure that their links have variety and proper links that get you pr and link text value.