Loans 2 Go is a Christchurch based personal loans, and business loans company servicing most of the South Island. If you are looking for a car loan, or some debt consolidation and live on “mainland” New Zealand, how about giving them a call.

Loans 2 Go has just had their website signed off by their developers - I love the overall look and functionality of the website. The owners next step was to get the website specifically Search Engine Optimised. Might as well use some well honed SEO skills, and there has certainly been a reasonable amount of time spent in reworking the CMS, and words on the site.

Etomite CMS

It was the first time I had specifically SEO’ed an Etomite Content Management System website, and I found the system intuitive and easy to get my way around.

Etomite templates are editable via an admin control panel, as are php/html code snippets, and html code chunks. Changes were able to be made without having to touch core php code.

One Etomite issue was the home page url that had been set as “/loans2go-home.html” as well as another variation. I put a conditional in the menu code that wrote the home page as “/” rather than its default.

Another issue was the orientation of the search phrases in the page title. I changed the formula so that there was one variable for page name, and another for the full page title. Its not that appropriate to have 70 character long url’s, or menu descriptors equal to the title.

There is a loan application form on the site that was ideal for Google analytics goals. It will be interesting to see the percentage of people that enter the first page of the form, and actually end up making an application through all the pages. It will be interesting thinking about how such a form could be streamlined if dropp-off is high. The information has to be gathered sometime, so is the internet the best time, or should it be a paper based form filled in while sitting at the business premises?

As with any website SEO, its a cost/benefit exercise. We could have more pages for more search phrase, could have a blog covering more search phrases and get a community or people around the website, could have You Tube videos, and yes, there are several SEO things that could be better. But the work that has been done will get the home page ranked higher, and a number of the loan types pages working. I am SEO’ing an existing website, not trying to totally redevelop someone elses efforts. With incoming links into the website and age, the website should start to rank higher for trafficked search phrases, and the efforts of both designers, developers and finally SearchMasters SEO, will have paid off.

Linking work

No job is considered finished without some tweaking of the Finda listing. Tweaking to get the business category at the front of their listings title and words on the page. Loans 2 Go’s Finda Personal Loans listing now has a good meta title with the words repeated in the text of the page. Simple stuff, but rather effective (interesting looking at it 4 years later in 2013 - title has been amended so it is not the best for SEO. Needs to be tweaked again).

The Zoomin Cash Loan listing also needed better wording and links added. Nice what you can get for free! Its a pity though that once a listing has been created, its title can’t be amended - yes, you could delete and start again…

Yes, and we need to get them additional incoming links.

Time time and more time

It’s always the question. Just how much time will have to happen before a site starts to rank properly? Will Google treat the website as spam, given that it is going for search phrases so often spammed around the net? Even with best practices, SEO is always a gamble.

All the best with your rankings Loans 2 Go.