The Diamond Engagement Ring search phrase is rather competitive internationally. There are millions to be made from ranking top of seen from the USA. One company is trying to rank higher by sponsoring a well funded international SEO competition. A USD$15000 prize pool that increases with 10% of every sale through the companies website. An interesting way of their competitors tracking the success of the website. The first prize is $10000 that increases with every sale.

The are trying to get people around the world to link to them from their competition entry pages, and then to hire the winner to help them with their SEO efforts once the competition has ended.

Real words should never be included in SEO competition phrases

I am not that keen on their competition search phrase. While there were no results for the phrase “MakeItYourRing Diamond Engagement Rings”, getting people to compete with a phrase that includes real words like “Diamond Engagement Rings” is going to muddy those search phrase results. Especially since competition pages will be affiliates for the website, and . It will be interesting to see how many competitors are able to rank in the top say 100 for that phrase on

How will it effect Shireeodiz’s rankings?

It will also be interesting to track the rankings for shireeodiz on as the competition continues on. As at today 18 January 2011, they rank 59th on as seen from the USA.


How can we increase the prize pool

If I was to link through to the Shireeodiz website and so specifically get them ranked higher for the Diamond Wedding Rings search phrase, they would sell that many more rings online, and so would increase the prize pool substantially. And if the links that I gave them were affiliate links, I would get some good affiliate income as well.

Interesting thoughts!

But if someone else won, my efforts in getting Shireeodiz higher would be in vain. However, they do spread the winnings around the top 10 places.

1 year - a long competition

Most SEO competitions are around three months. To have a competition that is one year long is interesting. Who can keep up that intensity in link building for such a long time?

But it does change the competition slightly. Domain names with those exact words in the domain will certainly have an advantage. The domains will have the ability to build up domain authority, and be able to compete against powerful domains that just need mention the search phrase, and they rank top