Maten Floral Design is a leading Auckland Florist. In a Consumer Magazine survey of a number of online (](Florists) (April 2009), Maten rated the highest 95%.

I like Search Engine Optimising websites of businesses that are leaders in their field, and so it has been a privilege to SEO the Maten (](Auckland Florist) website.

The website is an ASP based custom coded website. I used the developers services to enable custom titles and meta descriptions per page, then further tweaked the programming. The website had the same title and meta description on all the pages, and the home page was not optimised.

I optimised the home page for a number of the highest trafficked search phrases found via the Google Keyword Tool, and then optimised inner pages for their specific search phrases.

I also tweaked the design to allow for better spacing and did some spell and grammar checking.

From no-where for Florist related phrases on Google, Bing and Yahoo, the website home page is slowly climbing. Given its initial low Google PR of 1, Google is spidering it only once a week or so, meaning that it takes a while for the onpage SEO to be utilised.

Specific Inner Page Optimisation

While the home page is optimised for many of the main trafficked search phrases, it helps when you have inner pages with the same optimisation. You have the possibility of indented results since you have two pages optimised for the same phrase, and with an indented result, you often get up several placings on the search results as well. These specific incoming links will give them a helping hand.


We are getting the website a number of new incoming links, including from my Restaurants forum on an Auckland Florists page that ranks high on Google in its own right, plus their Finda listing for Auckland Florists, and their Wises listing for Auckland Florist.

The florist website market is semi competitive, and it will be interesting to see how long it takes, and how much links work is required to get the website ranked well.

We will be continuing to monitor the website rankings and tweaking content when and if people copy it.

All the best Maten Floral Design on your journey up the Auckland Florist rankings on Google.