The Metropolitan Motel is a luxury executive Christchurch Motel Apartment complex. Built in 2008 it was designed by award winning Architects DDArchitects. From studio rooms with king size beds and spa baths, to one and two bedroom apartments, it is sure to cater for the most discerning traveler.

As an SEO job, the Metropolitan Christchurch Motel website has been one of my first SEO’s of a flash website. Rather than one flash file, there are individual html pages, that contain a flash file for that page.

The inner text of each page is taken from a text file - both for the flash, and using a php include for the html page. I have then used flash swfobject replacement javascript from Google code to show either the flash or a simple html version of the page text and navigation.

We picked appropriate search phrases for the home page, and several inner pages like for Christchurch Accommodation, and included those words on the page title, meta description, and content.

It was very simple to then add the Google analytics javascript to the footer of each page, rather than having to include it in the flash file.

Then it’s a matter of links, and time, and it will be interesting to see what rankings can be obtained.

Christchurch Hotels is certainly a competitive phrase, but there is less competition for the Christchurch Motels search phrases. There are even several non chain/non aggregator websites showing in the top ten, that gives hope that a top ten ranking may be possible.

The business gets some international travelers, but many of its clientele are from New Zealand. Just as well, as given the country bias on,, and etc, it would be very hard to get the website ranked on those search engines.