Refocus Recruitment are New Zealand Engineering jobs specialists. They are a top class Auckland agency that we have enjoyed working with.

We were presented with an old looking website that was not well SEO’ed, and the jobs available were not properly categorised. Rather than majorly reprogramming the existing website, we moved the site into our JojoCMS package, added a custom plugin for the jobs, and obtained a striking new website design from Paragon Design that we integrated into the website.

There ended up over 900 pages on the Refocus website covering every permentation of city and job type. New Zealand Civil Engineer jobs, New Zealand Electrical Engineer Jobs,, Auckland Electrical Engineer Jobs… Yes, its all programmed, but the numbers of pages and permentations possible, required some quite complex programming and careful thought as to titles/meta descriptions and page wording.

And how are the rankings? The homepage is climbing for the main phrase New Zealand Engineering Jobs, but more importantly, the site is ranking very well for a vast majority of the individual internal pages. And yes, the all important enquiries are happening. I have been amazed that the home page has even started ranking for the phrase []jobs in New Zealand) - 17th on

We have a zoomin New Zealand Engineering Jobs listing for Refocus. Always interesting to see how quickly it can get ranked. Often its ranked top ten in minutes.

I look forward to seeing the rankings and all important traffic, applicant enquiries, and job listings increase. All the best Refocus.