NZimed is an innovative fast track online New Zealand Immigration Medical service. While they will get substantial business from being a Government approved service, search engine rankings will also bring substantial traffic.

So what does it take to get to top 5 of Google for New Zealand Immigration?

There is certainly more traffic for that phrase and its reverse “Immigration New Zealand” as compared to New Zealand Immigration Medicals which the NZimed is about.

So what about the following derivative phrases:

  • NZ Immigration
  • Immigration to New Zealand
  • Immigration New Zealand Department - actually its part of the Department of Labour, but what immigrants know that? And how do you add that phrase onto a page
  • INZ - Yes, thats what the Immigration NZ is also known as, why not target that!
  • … It was interesting working on the website, and determining that the main page was in fact the home page, despite the number of pages on the website.

Yes, the inner pages will be progressively properly SEO’ed - for City name Doctors and City name Medical Centres, and Medical Insurance, … but the volume of immigration traffic to those search phrases will be low.

Choice of Domain name

The initial domain name used was - but given that they want to rank for New Zealand Immigration Medicals, it was far better that they had the search phrase in the domain - Hence They will have to try a lot less hard in order to achieve great results.

SearchMasters as Advisor to Developer

NZimed approached SearchMasters to act as an advisor for their website developers EyeTurner. A brainstorming meeting, several emails, and a continuing dialog for fine tuning have resulted in a website that is coming together nicely for SEO. But with a new domain, and a competitive market for the chosen search phrases will mean that its a slow road to the top 5, even with a good website.

All the best with your New Zealand Immigration Medicals website, NZimed. We look forward to helping you achieve top search results over time, and the resulting good traffic and successful business.