NowCoyboys have a large review site written as a custom-built PHP application. They had been getting SEO services from a large SEO firm, but the focus had been more on Google adwords. There were many opportunities available for essential tweaks in the SEO of the website. Lets see how long it takes to get them top ten on for Builders, Mechanics, Painters and Plumbers. Yes, and for all the other thousands of pages on their website.

How do you SEO a large website?

Step by step, broken down into small parts.

Actually, the website only has three main page types - index page, category pages, and the reviews. All I really had to do was SEO those three types with them in the programming, and presto, the whole site was SEO’ed a lot better.

  • Onpage SEO - search phrase selection, titles, meta descriptions, h1’s, opening paragraphs…
  • Site SEO - directing Google PR to the proper places on the website
  • Links links links - We need to transform the Google PR of the home page from a sorry PR2, to a PR4+ over the next 6 months, and get them ranking for specific phrases.
  • Keeping track of progress in the search results, and traffic sources Well done NoCoyboys. A great Builders, Mechanics, Painters, Plumbers and other trades reviews website, and you are working hard at both the online and offline marketing plan for it.

Search Phrase rankings

It takes time for sites to rank for competitive phrases. Phrases at the start of the title rank higher, or will be more competitive. Other phrases need comparatively more links

With the new pages cached - (NZ=NZ sites only, W=no selection)

Tabled Removed March 2018

From not in the top 100, to the 5 Aug rankings, to the top 20 rankings. What a difference proper SEO makes!!!

More inbound links will continue the road to the top not just for the home page but for all the internal pages. Rankings on plain without the nz sites only classification will continue to increase as well.

Ongoing Web Development and SEO efforts

As at Oct/Nov there has been a site graphics revamp, and a forum has been added. Searchmasters has been helping with the SEO of the foruum.

We have also submitted a “Builders, Mechanics, Painters, Plumbers” press release to PRWeb about No Cowboys.