Who is the best at SEO in New Zealand. An NZ SEO Competition has started today, and I have started a new domain NZ http://www.nzseochallenge.co.nz/ for the competition.

Actually, it’s not who is the best, but rather who is the best at gathering community support, and coming up with a links strategy that will get them top.

The sponsor for the SEO Challenge is Adam Hutchinson of Fried.co.nz. Adam is well known for being able to get publicity and has made his name in riding the length of New Zealand on a motor scooter promoting Yamaha. And more recently with the NZ Txt Champion competition that promoted his Fried text messaging system.

The competition has started today 19 August 2010 with people only allowed to enter the competition with new domain names purchased from today. The search phrase is a two word phrase that will be announced by text message on 31 August. The competition will end on 28 November 2010 5pm. Lets see who can get to the top!

So I need some help guys and gals!

I managed to get top ten in one of the worlds first Search Engine Optimisation competitions “Nigritude Ultramarine” with my website Time2Dine.

First off, I need links for anything! So can you please link to http://www.nzseochallenge.co.nz with any of the following link texts:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • SEO
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • SEO Competition
  • SEO Challenge
  • NZ SEO Challenge

Then include some text about my entry ie See SearchMasters NZ http://www.nzseochallenge.co.nz/ Entry

Once the search phrase is announced on 31 August, I will be seeking links for that new phrase. But meantime, I need lots of links to get the ball running and get some link diversity and domain authority happening.

Lets see what storm we can get brewing to promote the site.

For every link that you provide, I will give you a live link back from this page - please add your comments to this page with your websites details. That will be a help for your rankings on Google. Any comments that don’t have a link to the entry will have a equivalent link.

Fun fun fun!!!