File Vault is automated online backup software for your personal computer. I have enjoyed SEO’ing the website, and trialling the service.

My Trial of the Backup Software

I have an ongoing trial of the FileVault service and quite enjoy it. Its good value at only $5 per month per Gig and has the first month free. A program runs in the background and notes changes or additional data files. The system then automatically backs those files up onto its servers where they are securely held.

I had a few configuration challenges to start with. You have to be careful as to what directories you want to back up, and how much data you are storing. It was a good opportunity to have a cleanout of some files and directories. I found that my Jetstream connection and the system could not easily handle my large multi gig Outlook files. It just took too long to backup, and used up too much bandwidth. So best to backup your Outlook pst files elsewhere, unless yours are small.

I have my hosting and emails with WebDrive (aff), where I download but keep a copy of the emails on the server. So if ever I have an issue, at least I have a copy of incoming emails. I find IMAP services too slow for my liking. Using the Google gmail services would be another solution. I also backup my outlook pst files to an external hard drive, and store my photos on Google’s Picassa. With a number of employees working offsite, I am also making use of Google Spreadsheets. Means no need to especially back them up.

Search Engine Optimisation issues

FileVault was another case of a brilliant service and graphically nice looking website, initially no thought of SEO.

The first question was choice of search phrases. * A quick look at the Google adwords keywords tool for the search phrases that it picked up for the site, then a print out of the results.

  • Yellow highlighting the phrases that I considered appropriate,
  • then marking off the ones as I used them on the pages ##Where to put the Words Now this was a challenge. Initially the home page consisted of a large amount of graphics of words rather than the words themselves. I converted the graphics to text, and sprinkled search phrases through them.

Mainly a Homepage Site

As with many small websites, I put most of my efforts into rewording the home page. A home page is the easiest to get incoming links for, and it catered for most of the relevant search phrases.

Tables and Plain Files

Tables are definitely painful. So much markup compared to text. The files had no includes for header/footer and many html validation issues. I tidied up a few, and added a footer include, but with so many files, and the complicated table structure, it was not worth the effort to properly html validate the pages. html validation is not required for SEO, but I often find SEO issues when I go through the exercise.


When I added items likes onto links, I had to change each file - rather nice to have a global search replace facility (GREP) on my development tool (IDE). Addings onto a site means that you are directing the Google PR to the pages that need it most.

The windows backup software business is rather competitive in New Zealand, and certainly worldwide. Being competitive means that it takes time and many incoming links to get ranked well. The site did not rank top 1000 for any of the selected phrases, and the current ranks are still low on So the following chart is based on nz sites only:

With time and additional links, the rankings will improve, but quite happy with progress so far - now 3 weeks since the initial changes were made.