So just how successful has a Gold Priority online Yellow Pages listing been for SearchMasters?

I didn’t need the business, but I was keen to try a listing on the online Yellow Pages. I wanted to know for my clients as much as anything else. I had a Gold Priority listing for $110 per month. I initially signed up on a special 3 month deal.

Low Traffic Compared to Optimising your Own Site Properly

I added all the different categories possible onto the listing, and got 732 views and only 5 people visiting in two months = $220. Compare this to the over 6000 page views, and over 2600 unique visitors that I got direct to my website in that same time. Hmmm. I have now canceled my Online Yellow Pages listing.

So why have I got such good traffic compared to

  • one of the categories of my listing was “Content Management Systems”. If I do a Google same site search on ( content management systems), their specific CMS page is not even cached in Google
  • neither does a page come up on same site search for “Search Engines”
  • nor “web applications” Clicking through, I am able to find a page for, but this page is not well search engine optimised.

Wow - I appear 3rd on a search for “website development in glen eden”. Since its such a non competitive search phrase, they are able to get ranked top 10 for it.

So how about for a competitive search phrase of “website development in auckland” - Yellow does not even get in the top 50, yet they have a page especially for it.].

For all the marketing strength and stock market capitalisation of the Yellow Pages group, their online marketing strength is rather weak.

Lets try another one:

Auckland Restaurants

Yellow has decided that it is good enough a search phrase to have Google Adwords for. So how well have they done their own websites optimisation for the phrase?

I can’t personally find a series of links that will get me through to a page dedicated to Auckland Restaurants. A large number of the menus are javascript that Google is not able to easily read, and then there are text entry search boxes.

Lets give them the benefit of doubt - do they rank in the top 100 on Google for Auckland Restaurants? - No

And a same site search “ restaurants in auckland” does not show any specific dedicated page cached for Yellow - just restaurant pages.

If I look at the Google analytics stats for a restaurant’s website that I look after - I see only 32 visits from compared to over 600 in the last month coming in via the search engines.

Yellow - you need to do better, and I won’t be recommending you to any clients. Getting good rankings on the search engines generates far more traffic for a lot less cost.