The Davidson’s are beekeepers offering Organic Skin Care and Natural Remedies based on their innovations and research into honey bees.

The business is of special interest to me given that my Father is also a passionate beekeeper, as was our renound late Sir Edmund Hillary. Innovation seems to run strong with us Kiwis.

The Davidson’s discovered two extracts from the beehive that have patents pending. The extracts have been developed into a range of Acne Cream treatments, nail and hand care products, an arthritis remedy, and health tonic to aid with among other products. I always wary of extravagant health claims, but I know that Manuka Honey, Propolis, Royal Jelly and other such Honey Bee extracts have proven health benefits, and so have little doubt about the efficacy of the Davidson products.

There was an interesting story behind the website development - it started off as an osCommerce site, and independently of me, moved to a custom eCommerce CMS that lacked the same attention to detail as the osCommerce site had. Now I have more properly SEO’ed both the package and content and the site is starting to rank for search phrases. But I could have done that just as easily within osCommerce.

Generally when I am asked to help with SEO, I keep a client in their existing CMS. I SEO the open source package, or work with their developer to better SEO the custom CMS. Moving to a new CMS doesn’t in itself solve SEO issues.

We still have a few issues to sort out with the developer, but in general we have the wording working and the power of the links getting a number of pages starting to get ranked. Rather than just the home page, we have also SEO’ed each of the main product pages and found about three phrases per page that we have a chance at ranking for with a little work.

Health products are always hard to get ranked on Google. Especially with all the international health companies and their billions, and many alternative treatment websites. But we are starting to get ranked higher on for some of the phrases selected. It will require some dedicated link building to get ranked on as seen from the USA, something not yet part of the brief, but there is nothing wrong in initially aiming for the sky, we might just hit a target along the way…

Zoomin Organic Skin Care listing.

All the best with your honey bee based Organic Skin Care BeeWild!!!