April 12, 2007

Google Webmaster Tools and Page Rank Hoarding

Google’s Vanessa Fox was interviewed by Rand Fishkin 12 April 2007. One of the items mentioned regarded Page Rank Hoarding and how the Google Webmaster tools showed incoming links.

So what is Page Rank Hoarding?

Page rank hoarding is where webmasters use the rel=nofollow attribute on their outbound links. If you use rel=nofollow on links, neither Google PR nor the link text value is passed to the target page. The Google Webmaster Tools incoming link tool shows many of the incoming links into a website. It shows far more incoming links than the Google Link:domain.com command. However, the Tools also show incoming links that have that rel=nofollow link on them. I note on some of my sites, that technorati.com links are listed, yet all the links are rel=nofollow.

Google is aware of the issue, and may give more information about the incoming links such as whether the link is rel=nofollow / link hoarded. It would be nice to see the Google PR of the pages as well. It will be interesting to see how the tools develop.