So how can you Master Search Engine Optimisation? Come to the seminars/ on 19 May, and the SEO workshop 20 May and learn how you can get to the top of the search engines.

Want to rank highly on Google? Despite the myths, there are three key areas you can address to unlock the potential of search engines for your website.

Many people see high rankings on Google as elusive and costly. There are few experienced and effective search engine optimisation (SEO) consultants in the New Zealand market, and few web developers are building websites that are SEO friendly out of the box.

So clients are missing out on valuable free? traffic from the search engines.

It can be safely said that Michael Brandon of is an expert in this field.

He even has the results to match. If you search New Zealand sites he is ranked number one for search engine optimisation and search engine optimisation training.

Not only is Michael experienced; he’s passionate and it’s his mission to improve the SEO of New Zealand websites.

I know how easy it is to make simple gains, it’s something that anyone with a website can achieve.? Michael said. There is always room for improving your website’s SEO especially when there is no SEO to begin with.?

SEO is well worth considering. It has a high return on investment and can result in big traffic increases to your website. As well as this, it improves usability, efficiency and general performance of your website.

So what are the three key areas?

Finding the best search phrases

Search phrase selection is about selecting the right search phrases for each page of your site. Each page is a potential doorway into your site, not just the home page.

What are people searching for? You might sell manchester, but think about it ? your New Zealand clients will be searching for duvets while the Australians search for doonas!

The key here is to select the right search phrases on each page and then to repeat these search phrases on the page where appropriate.

Optimising your website

Your pages have the right phrases and content; your website then needs to be optimised.

I often have to work with the website developer to optimise their content management system (CMS). Some are more willing than others ? all their clients end up benefiting. Sometimes its easier to recreate the site in a search-engine-friendly CMS ? one url per page, user friendly urls, titles, meta-descriptions and h1’s per page,s? This part does get complicated? says Michael.

A well optimised website then needs inbound links.

Either find several powerful (prime minister) websites, or many less powerful (street cleaner) websites to link to you. You are only as powerful as the quality and quantity of the websites linking to you with the phrases you are targeting?.

These three areas are just the beginning of what you can do yourself to improve your website’s SEO. In all there are over 70 points, a treasure trove of strategies that will improve your ranking on Google, and get you more traffic and sales for your business.

You can gain this knowledge for yourself from your own research, or get a solid foundation of knowledge through the SearchMasters seminars and workshop taking on the 19th and 20th May. Tailored for all levels, the seminars will give you the knowledge you need.

So who are SearchMasters and Michael Brandon?

SearchMasters SEO Consultants is a search engine optimisation consultancy company providing SEO consultancy and SEO training services to web wevelopers and the business community.

SearchMasters Ltd is operated by Michael Brandon who is recognised world-wide as a highly capable, talented and personable SEO specialist.

He commenced his SEO career in 2002 with his website Time2Dine, and placed top 10 in an international search engine optimisation competition Nigritude Ultramarine.

His belief is that good SEO should become a core function of web design and he has a passion to lift the standards of the web development industry

Michael has an eye for detail, a strong interest in technical challenges and loves helping people.

He is a guest lecturer and industry consultant for NatColl, and has presented SEO seminars with the Web Developers Association of New Zealand (WDANZ) New Zealand wide in Whangarei, Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua, Tauranga, Wellington, Nelson and Christchurch.