Impact PR is an Auckland Public Relations agency whose aim is to utilise the press to bring clients to the mind of their target consumer.

Part of that exercise is to bring their own Impact PR website to the mind of their target consumer. And where better to be found than higher on the search engines.

Impact PR - Click through to find out about the Public Relations expertise Qantas Media Award winning journalist Fleur Revell can bring to your organisation.

SEO and web development issues

With a domain name including the word “PR”, the website is able to rank that much easier for PR related search phrases. However, like fine wine, good things take time.

With Impact PR’s low Google PR3, it took over a week for the revised homepage content to be recached by Google, and a number of days for that information to appear in the Google index. However, as soon as the new content was found, the homepage rose from 48th to 12th for “Public Relations” NZ Sites only, as did their rankings for a number of other targeted phrases.

New inbound links also take time to be found, meaning that the site will rise over time as the links are found. Additional incoming links may be needed, or the inbound links may need to age before Google lets it into the top ten for without the NZ sites only flag.

Content Management System issues

The website is a DotNetNuke website and has not been the easiest to SEO. The first step in the SEO process was to upgrade to the latest DotNetNuke version. Even that version had SEO issues! I would have thought that the core package would have been much SEO friendlier than I found it. Yes, we could have just moved it to a better CMS. But I prefer to keep clients with their existing systems in the first instance.

One url per page of content

There are a number of alternate url’s for the home page and other pages on the website. Rather than the ultimate of reprogramming “301 permanent redirects”, I made sure that in general, the website only referenced one url per page. I then created a robots.txt with the alternate url’s listed, and submitted a remove page request to Google for the pages. Once the pages are removed, Google excludes them from it’s search results for 90 days, and combined with the robots.txt stopping Google from spidering the pages again, they should be safely removed from the Google index.

Why only one url per page? - I call SEO a tick box process. We want to make sure that we do everything to the best standard so that there is nothing that Google could take offense at. Google is trying to get one url to the top of its index. If we have several url’s with the same content, Google is more likely to consider the proper url is duplicate therefore rank it lower than it otherwise would.

Search Phrase Selection

What does the business do? What are people searching for relating to the business? What is the competition on Google for the chosen search phrases? We picked a number of phrases and added them to the homepage title and content.

We looked at the other pages on the site, and optimised them for the phrases on those pages - ie for the clients names for the case studies and news pages.

We then looked at other phrases that could be optimised for. The client is now working at creating pages for each of the services they offer - ie Media Training. They are the best people able to write such pages and so its an ongoing process with them to make sure these new pages are written with SEO in mind.

Our foundation links package only provides so many new incoming links. While we could continue to get additional incoming links (and for some clients we do), we prefer that the business owner continues with the link building process.

What clients does a business have? Can the business get inbound links from their own clients or suppliers? Are there links that can be gained from ongoing PR releases? The hope is that the business is able to be successful and in the media enough, that people naturally link to it as being an authoritative business on PR related matters.

As a PR Agency, Impact PR gets their clients in the media. As a website owner, Impact PR needs to translate those skills to get their website linked from other businesses websites.

As part of linking, we work on getting their Finda Public Relations listing ranking well, with the aim of getting their listing ranked rather than any other business’s or category listing on Finda. ImpactPR is all about media exposure, and Wikipedia is another way to get exposed. So they have created a Wikipedia entry for Fleur Revell.

Continuing work

Are website pages continuing to get higher in the search engines for search phrases? With any investment, you need to check that it is still performing. We need to find out if there is any possible reason for changes in rankings. Is it due to other sites copying page content? Have other websites got more incoming links that we need to match?

All the best Impact PR.