Pulse IT are Computer Support specialists based in Auckland and servicing clients nationwide. They are the computer services and outsourced IT department of many leading New Zealand companies.

I have enjoyed working with Ryan Balemi (Pulse IT founder and Managing Director) through the course of the website optimisation process. Very businesslike, very professional, and was able to have a meeting of minds on the search engine optimisation procedure - after he thoroughly grilled me about what we were about to do! Fun ;) I have also appreciated working with the Fuel Design web design company. They were very receptive to my SEO recommendations for their CMS, and were able to quickly implement most of my recommendations.

As always, the first step in the process was search phrase selection - They thought the best phrase was “IT Support”, but “Computer Support” happens to get the most traffic.

Next step was assessment of the competition for the phrases - One of the competitors also sells software, and has many inbound links relating to their software sale. Another competitor sells hardware, and so has many inbound links relating from hardware and price comparison websites. It takes a lot of hard work and time to be able to get enough inbound links to match either of those. So we came up with a long term links strategy that should get the website ranked well in the long term.

We then carefully added the search phrases to the home page, and tidied up several aspects of the website SEO.

Our basic linking package was then started, and we waited for the homepage to be recached and ranked.

##Increase in Website Search Phrase Rankings There was an immediate leap in the rankings on Google.co.nz (NZ sites only) at the moment the home page was recached. But it is interesting that rankings for many of the phrases on Google.co.nz without the NZ only selection have still not moved into the top ten.

Again the question - “What have we done wrong?” - in this case it is that we have not been patient enough. While we certainly need more inbound links into the website, Google.co.nz nz site only rankings are doing well, showing that we have got the inbound linking about right for the moment.

Given the relative competitiveness of the group of search phrases, Google is requiring that the website and its inbound links age before it gets into the top ten for all search phrases on Google.co.nz. It is certainly hard to wait!

Another interesting situation was an immediate contact from one of PulseIT’s competitors to check the SEO of their website. While I never rule out SEO’ing competitors as there are 9 other places in any top ten, I am always reluctant. In this case, I decided not to offer any advice - I have enough work on without risking stepping on existing clients toes.

Part of SEO’ing a clients website is optimising their listings on Finda. With just the proper wording on the page, the Pulse IT Computer Support listing has been able to rank 25th on Google for the main phrase. It will be interesting to see the jump with this link from SearchMasters.

We have also added a listing on Zoomin for their Pulse IT computer support business.

Lessons Learnt

  • Patience is needed - sadly not all sites jump to top ten overnight, because Google requires some sites and inbound links to age.
  • Its nice to say no to helping competitors optimise their websites