SearchMasters has won the inaugural New Zealand Search Engine Competition for the phrase “QuadraCentifiable”. The competition ran from 19 August to 28 November 2010.

As at 31 August 2010, I wrote the following

The battle lines are drawn as to who will win the QuadraCentifiable New Zealand Search Engine Optimisation competition. The NZ SEO Competition phrase was sent via txt message on the morning of 31 August 2010, the moment the first version of this article was written.

SearchMasters entry to has ranked top of the competition from 9 September to 18 October 2010 and onwards… Will the site continue to rank to for the rest of the competition, or will there be another competitor that edges me out for a moment before I claw it back?

This post ranked top 10 for the phrase from the start of the competition to 16th October. Yet there have been no specific inbound links into the page - The power of an authority website. To keep it top ten with all the competition, I am now getting some specific incoming links. Let’s see what linking power is needed to get it back to top 10.

And 2 days after the links were added, this post is now up from 11th to 8th. Impressive power of the links!

Other competitors main business website blogs have also ranked including (Avatar), and But this SearchMasters article is the only one that remained top 10 for so long. Over the period of three months, the entrant websites will be ranking high and push out all others mentioning the phrase.

By requiring the entrant websites to be new domains, the competition is on a level playing field. The battle will be drawn as to who has the group of the highest PR client websites, and who is able to engender the best from the Social Media crowd in getting inbound links.

Let the battle continue!!!

Can I get your help?

Add a comment onto this post and I will make it dofollow back to your website. In return, please help out the website with the linktext QuadraCentifiable, plus some unique text around it. Google likes unique descriptive text, as it makes it “editorial content” rather than spam or paid, in its algorithm.

How Powerful is the SearchMasters website?

And how powerful is this SearchMasters website? Within 30 minutes of publishing this article and mentioning QuadraCertifiable, the SearchMasters website was not only ranked for the new phrase, but was the first and only entry for New Zealand per the following screen shot at 9:24am Tuesday morning 31 August 2010.

This article has then remained top ten for the first 1 1/2 months of the competition, and continuing.