Lake Ridge Condos are Luxury Queenstown Apartments. They getting good traffic from Google Adwords advertising, but had little traffic from the organic results on Google.

With a view over the lake and mountains of Queenstown, LakeRidge Condos are the Luxury Queenstown Accommodation you need to be booking for your next Queenstown adventure holiday.

Update March 2009

The original SEO case study was in December 2007, and there have been vast improvements in rankings since then. Please see updated comments at the bottom of the article.

The rankings for Queenstown Apartments has gone from 33rd to 1st on from NZ. Queenstown Accommodation rankings have gone from no-where to 6th.

Original SEO case study 1 December 2007

The internet can be one of the major sources of Bookings for Queenstown accommodation providers. I consider the LakeRidge condos worthy of being ranked well and likely to get back the SEO investment many times once they are well ranking. So lets see what we can do…

For the SEO, I have added the search phrases correctly into the title, meta description, h1, and opening paragraph. Added a few rel=nofollows, some technical site changes, some internal keyword rich links back into the home page… And then started adding some external links into the website.

I have made sure that both Lake Ridge, and LakeRidge phrases are included as well as the full phrase LakeRidge Condominiums rather than just LakeRidge Condos. I have also got the phrases Queenstown Apartments, the singular Queenstown Apartment phrase, and Apartments in Queenstown….

So what is the result once Google has cached the new home page?

The majority of the traffic into the site is from or other international Google websites. So the appropriate Google search is on

Dec 2007 comments

I am pleased with the Queenstown Apartments listing that has improved from 100+ to the 33rd position.

The Queenstown Accommodation ranking is a sandbox type ranking, especially since the ranking is substantially better (although still low) on 109th. Since the phrases are competitive, it requires time and links to get from the 458th position to much higher. I expect that the ranking will stay around that 400+ mark for a number of months before it suddenly is top 20 or better.

The rankings are understandable given that I have not started adding links into the website. For competitive phrases, onpage SEO alone is not adequate to get to the revered top five listings on Google.

Now to get the links happening.

March 2009 Comments

Sandboxes have gone, and rankings have got basically to the top. Very pleased! Its been a lot of hard work at linking that has achieved it. We have not specifically worked on the “luxury queenstown accommodation phrase”, but I would have expected it to rank better than it is. Not sure what is happening there.

We have continued to change the meta description after people have copied it. Rankings in general decline with copies, and rise once its made unique.


We are continuing to struggle with getting rankings on and With the bias on those sites to those countries, it is almost impossible to get good rankings. We can continue to get links, or we can start up a new .com website targeting each of the countries, and go through the whole 1+ year journey to the top.

Good things take time

Queenstown Accommodation’s 458 to 84 to 6th is evidence of how good things take time. We are ranking below,,, and Worthy competitors that we don’t stand much chance at beating. While we have a same/higher PR than each of the competing pages, and we will have more inbound links for Queenstown related phrases, the competitors are authority websites that have the onpage SEO done properly.

Other Queenstown/Arrowtown websites

Arrowfields Arrowtown New Zealand Apartments are a stones throw away. Consider Queenscliff []Queenstown Accommodation), a 3 bedroom apartment with amazing views.

Check out the Finda listing for LakeRidge Condos Queenstown accommodation with their associated Wises Queenstown Accommodation listing. And the Zoomin Queenstown Apartments listing. It will be interesting to see whether linking to the listing and optimisation of it will get the Lakeridge listing top of a Google same site search on Finda.

All the best Andy Salek and the LakeRidge Condos Team.