We have recently SEO’ed Riverglade Bed and Breakfast in Hamilton for the phrase including “Hamilton Bed and Breakfast”, and listed them on Zoomin for and Finda. All the listings were around 8 May 2008. It is rather interesting to see where each of the respective pages rank.

We are linking to both the Finda and Zoomin pages from the SearchMasters blog post, but the SearchMasters post does not have any specific links back to it with the given search phrase.

Google.co.nz - and each pages rank and title

  • Zoomin - 8th (26/5), 9th (27/5), 12th (11/7) - “Information on Hamilton Bed And Breakfast - Riverglade Bed And …”
  • Finda - 52nd (26/5), 10th (27/5), 4th (11/7) - “Riverglade Bed and Breakfast - Hamilton Bed and Breakfast, Bed …”
  • SearchMasters - 26th (26/5), 27th (27/5), 59th (11/7)- “Hamilton Bed and Breakfast - Riverglade - SEO Case Study”
  • Riverglade - 57th (26/5), 40th (27/5), 11th Yippee (11/7)- “Hamilton Bed and Breakfast Hamilton B&B New Zealand - Riverglade”

Wow - even with the less than optimal title, the Zoomin page is far higher than any of the others. The SearchMasters page ranks well, but that is also using a SearchMasters home page link to the article that will not last for long. But then, the SM page does not have the benefit of external inbound links like the others have from the SM article page.

I was initially surprised at how low the Finda page was ranking. But now its listed on the first page with Zoomin, it is around about where I considered it should rank. Must have just been time. We have included the search phrases on each of the pages, so its not that the onpage SEO was particularly deficient. And yes, we have the search phrase more to the right on the Finda page, and that would certainly be having an effect.

The Riverglade site is receiving links from each of the sites, yet it still is ranking the lowest. This is easy to explain - the domain is not powerful, nor as old. The site does not have the same domain authority and trust rank as the other sites. But over time, and with additional links, it will certainly rank higher than the other sites.

The high listings for the non Riverglade sites is also to do with the “new news” effect. It will be interesting to see if the non Riverglade sites keep their rankings, I expect their rankings to drop.

To draw any real conclusions about the relative strengths of the websites/listings on the websites, more experiments would be needed. But it is certainly interesting to see Zoomin so high. Age of website, total number of inbound links, age of those links all helping to total to Domain Authority and Trust Rank - it is certainly an important part of SEO!

And to follow on the theme of our recent Online Yellow Pages blog post, sad to say that there are no Yellow.co.nz pages listed in the top 200 for Hamilton Bed and Breakfast! But then again, I am not linking to any of their pages like I am with Finda and Zoomin. However, Google can’t even find a dedicated page for the phrase on Yellow.