Rather than Laser Eye Surgery, consider Corneal Refractive Therapy from Revize.

Corneal Refractive Therapy involves wearing specially customised contact lenses while you sleep. These reshape your eye and after a few nights of wearing them, you are able to achieve 20/20 vision. Carlisle Mason have two Revize clinics in Auckland - Mt Roskill and St Heliers. Check out their Corneal Refractive Therapy Revize website now.

SEO’ing the CMS

SearchMasters had already worked with better SEO’ing the MAXGEN MEDIA Web Design CMS, when we SEO’ed another group website CarlisleMason.co.nz’s Auckland Optometrists. So there was nothing too wrong with the underlying website. However, what was missing was the attention to detail with search phrase selection, words on the page and inbound links.

Search Phrase Selection

Hands up who knew about Corneal Refractive Therapy before reading this article. Hands up again for those who know about Laser Eye Surgery, or Lasik Eye Surgery.

I guess most put up their hands with Laser, then Lasik, then maybe 1 or 2% for Corneal Refractive Therapy. In fact, the Google search phrase selection too says just that. September 2008 had approximately 390 searches for “Laser Eye Surgery”, 110 for “Lasik Eye Surgery”, and not even enough data to show, for “Corneal Refractive Therapy” (CRT).

So if we got top for CRT, we would not get much traffic. And once we rank well for Laser and Lasik Eye Surgery, we will be able to cross sell people to the alternative of CRT.

In fact, there are 1600 people looking for “contact lenses”, and another 390 for “contact lens” every month. So far more people to be able to spread the word to once we rank high for those phrases.

Yes, its not just SEO, its a marketing job.

Words on the Page

Yes, we have added the words to the page, but more than that, we have made sure that there is a second page for the phrases. The home page has “Contact Lenses” at the front, so we have a second page with “Laser Eye Surgery” at the front. We also have a page with “Corneal Refractive Therapy” at the front. So for searches for each phrase, we have the possibility of getting indented results for each - 2 mentions on Google for a given search.

Each part of the SEO strategy is essential, and none more so than additional inbound links. Words on a page alone are not enough to get a website ranked well. And what better links can you get than links from SearchMasters. Others may try and follow this same strategy, but because we also have focused on getting quality links into SearchMasters and our group of websites, we have a lot of power that we can give to clients.

I have done the same for Zoomin, with articles cross promoting CRT for Laser Eye Surgery for St Heliers, and Lasik Eye Surgery for Mt Roskill. Typical for Zoomin, within 30 minutes of creating both pages, they were ranking top 20 for the search phrases. With these links they are likely to be top ten.

Then there are other links that we give them that over time will get the Revize website ranking well for their search phrases. It is not an overnight process, but it does work over time.


But there are not that many people per month that are actually searching for each of the above phrases. The Carlisle Mason group have other websites like Contacts2Go http://www.contacts2go.co.nz/, that they are promoting on TV at the moment, and that they are sending out many newsletters to past customers regarding. They have many shop fronts for their Carlisle Mason Optometrist clinics. Each shop has customers that they can harvest email addresses from, each sale has with it an email address that they can use for newsletters, and cross promoting their other websites.

Its not just about SEO, but SEO is one important step that must be done well, just as everything needs to be done well in the mix.

Chinese Version of the Website

Carlisle Mason have a Chinese employee and so created a version of the Revize website in Chinese Traditional Script. I have a Chinese SEO client Haiming Jiang of Aplus SEO Services that I am training up on SEO and how to become an SEO Expert. I quizzed him on what words are used in Chinese to describe how we had SEO’ed the English page.

We are working at getting ranked for the Chinese versions of the English phrases. We made sure that we had those phrases intertwined into the text. The Google Translate tool is awesome for non Chinese speakers like me. Then like the English version, we had a specific page per Google Translate “Orthokeratology treatment”.

I could not get the Chinese characters to show in the above until I changed the database characterset to utf8_general_ci. Then the above showed perfectly. Tricks for young players! Thanks to Mike Cochrane who has created a number of English Language School websites.

Alternative Spelling of Revize

How do you spell Revize? Revise? If you have a radio or TV advertising campaign where there is a little distance between the TV screen and the computer screen, how many times will people misspell the domain name, or misspell it for email addresses. And so I recommended and the accepted the advice to purchase www.revise.co.nz. I always say, where there is a choice between two, pick three. Now in this instance I can’t think of a third, but the underlying concept is there. Take all the options, and make life easier for people.

All the best Revize. But for now, I like my glasses ;)