Leverage the strengths of the web How did trademe get so big

  • not advertising like Ferrit (unsuccessful)
  • viral - ie the Tana Umunga handbag
  • make something that people like - and will tell others
  • Be remarkable - has to be something special
  • Let the server run the business, don’t let you be the bottleneck ie no warehouses, distribution etc
  • ideas that can scale

Make your site fast and obvious

  • latent demand - page views proportional to speed of website.
  • how do you measure speed
  • page views per session minute

Make the site seem fast by making it easy to use

  • don’t make me think by Steve Krug
  • use conventions - ie homepage link on top left logo, blue links… links to equal search phrase since people scan for links. -remove all noise on page - ie no banners on trademe
  1. Understand who is using your website Trademe ie 79% low res 17% dial up 51%
    • your stats are not necessarily your target audience, since those people may not come back again
  • its not what the software does, its what the user does

Visualise your audience

  • ie think of a stadium and the number of people looking at your website - trademe 40k at one moment, or all the people in a room, what are they expecting to hear from you.

Fact or opinion?

Measure everything so it becomes fact. Help yourself to avoid silly arguments, capture the numbers and so have facts.

ie xero how people actually use their accounting systems

Be transperant

Understand you will never be finished

How long does it take to have a baby

  • A dog is for life, not just for Christmas
  • continually improve - Kaisen
  • rebuild the boat at sea - Trademe - at least two updates per day
  • get updates out there fast - what is the smallest easiest thing that I can do with this release
  • create feedback loops, make sure that the enhancements are moving you forward
  • start to expect to be wrong, engineer to be able to roll back
  • start small, think big, scale quickly

If you are not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original - Sir Ken Robinson

Important - word of mouth, not billboards Trademe - First use of adverts/radio etc - little impact.