Web wanderings help find Search Engine Optimisation Resources. The following are pages that I have come across around the web recently.

The old favorite Matt Cutts, the Google anti spam employee and Google Guy who is one of the unoffical spokespeople on things SEO

SEO Conference Updates

There is a lot happening in the search engine world, and conferences are a great place to find out the latest. So check out the Roundup of the Search Engine Strategies Conference-San Jose.

Ideal Keyword Density

Lies Damned lies and statistical analysis of SERP’s. Can you statistically analyse Search Engine Results Pages to find out the best SEO methods? What is the best keyword density for a page - there is a lot of balony out there. You have to know that what you are testing for makes sense as testing for certain things like keyword density in isolation can lead to misleading results.

In your wanderings around the web, what are the gems that you have found? Please add your current Search Engine Optimisation Resource gems.

And the classics

Google PR Update

The SEO Company has a great historical list of ongoing Google toolbar PR updates. At the end of the 3 month cycle, I am often referring to it.

Search Engine Mind Map

The SEO Book is continuing to add great resources and link bait on its website. The latest is an incredible Search Engine Marketing Mind Map. It includes many of the things needed to be considered with marketing a website, along with links to the resources. Very good!!!

SEO Reading material - from the Google Guide http://www.googleguide.com/ How Google Applies Science to Search Feb 2008 - Wow - Microbiology and Google do have something in common. Large amounts of data. Dr Craig Nevill-Manning is a New Zealander now working at Google, with a background in biochemistry. A very interesting insight into how Google algos are developed.

I liked the information about Google’s spelling suggestion ability. All algo based, and live suggestions based on numbers of times of existence in the database. Reminded me of how Google looks at acronyms - even new ones are recognised.

And the idea that - close enough is good enough - “100% accuracy is not important, scale is much more important”

Writing of Press Releases

A big part of SEO’ing websites is rewriting text on pages, something SearchMasters does well at. Then one way of promoting a website is by telling the media via press releases, and in getting other sites to copy versions of your press release.

Interview with Udi Manber Google Vice President Search Quality


Do you find that the content on the Web is evolving to be more search-engine friendly?

It’s hard to say. It’s definitely still lacking. I wish people would put more effort into thinking about how other people will find them and putting the right keywords onto their pages.

Last year we made over 450 improvements to the algorithm.

Matt Cutts Interview April 2008