One of the latest additions to the SearchMasters training has been regarding Search Personalisation. Gord Hotchkiss interviewed Matt Cutts about Search Personalisation 2 Mar 07. With SEO it is hard to know what we are trying to get to the top of:

  • or a country variation ie * Then we have different results for while searching from another countries IP address.
  • Different results when logged in to Google because of search personalisation
  • A number of different search properties - ie Google blog search, Froggle, Google Maps, MSN, Yahoo
  • Social networking - Myspace, Youtube, Digg

Search Engine Optimisation has definitely become more complicated. It requires a large number of different skills, and an awareness of the whole rather than just the parts.

At the WDANZ Feb Christchurch Conference, I met with Michelle Miles of eContent and Alan Cox Leftclick. It is great that Website development is now progressing to have experts in other things apart from just creation of the graphics, html and programming of a website.

SearchMasters seeks to have great content and usability as part of the SEO consulting that we offer, but nothing beats specific experts in their field. Where appropriate for you website, SearchMasters may recommend that eContent or Leftclick be brought on as subconsultants to further enhance your website.

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