A free SEO analysis of Interest.co.nz - Bernard Hickey was the first speaker at the Interactive Marketing Summit. His mantra was Google Google Google. So lets see how well the SEO has been done on Interest.co.nz.

  • Ranking for interest rates in new zealand, despite the phrase not appearing in text on the page.
  • Interesting that the non www can be accessed is is not redirected - http://interest.co.nz, as compared to www.interest.co.nz
  • They have “categories” on their website - ie Moneymarket - not top ten
  • Mortgages - 5th
  • savings accounts - 1st
  • term deposits - 1st
  • credit cards - 2nd
  • car loans - 3rd

So Interest are certainly doing well on their main category phrases, but there were several that were not first. They were not linking to their category pages with that search phrase - there are links on the home page on the sentence description, not on the title of the category. However, they have got footer links to each category using that as link text.

http://www.interest.co.nz/mortgages.asp Ranking well for mortgages, however, their title is “mortgage interest rates”, and that phrase is not actually on the page. Yet they rank top for it - amazing what you can get away with when you have got high Google PR and a domain name with that search phrase in it.