SearchMasters is likely to expand in the new year, so finding some SEO interview questions is all good, or is it?

My problem with such SEO interview questions, is that I am unlikely to find ANYONE who is good enough to answer many satisfactorily. It is far easier to hire people that have the ability to learn. But training is also rather expensive in time and commitment.

All the best for the New Year soon to be on us. The last day of the year, and a good day to think of what your business will look like in the new year. The SearchMasters office is closed till 14 January 2008, but I am still clearing a few emails… and strategising.

As a manager, I like to be able to throw a lead at an employee and have them tell me how they are going to approach it. But that takes a good deal of training, or SEO knowledge, as well as self confidence. There are few web developers in New Zealand that have the knowledge, let alone potential employees.

My challenge to any one wanting to work at SearchMasters - find this post, know the answers to the SEO interview questions and be prepared to discuss them. Prove that you have read a few of the posts in this blog and have some comments on them. Get some practice at SEO’ing of your own websites and your personal clients websites.

I also place a premium on PHP skills, and if you have a graphics bent, all the better. If you are skilled at ASP/.NET/Cold Fusion… all the better, but I find that most non PHP developed websites have skilled developers that we work with, rather than us personally hacking their code for SEO.

SearchMasters is also likely to continue outsourcing SEO leads. So get that SearchMasters seo-certification/ happening and get your own clients properly SEO’ed, and receive some leads from SearchMasters.

Yes, we have been pretty busy, and I look forward to the day of being able to clear my email box - a New Years resolution!!! If you are wanting us to SEO your site, and have been waiting for a reply from me for a while, please send a reminder email.