The seminars/ countdown to 19 May - Learn more about Search Engine Optimisation at a SearchMasters seminar on 19 May and put your learning into action at an SEO workshop on the following day. We even have an Australian and two from Christchurch as participants.

So why do you need to come? Why do you need to spread the word around your business colleagues to learn more about SEO?

Press Release - In the News - Business to Business

Lets check out the SEO of Business to Business - The Business to Business has a great press release writeup Mastering the Search about my seminars. I always enjoy reading the free PO Box delivered business monthly. But now for my hobby horse…

How good is the SEO of Business to Business

A pity that the Business to Business website is not properly optimised, and that there is no link from the article :( But that is what the SearchMasters SEO seminar is all about. Most New Zealand and worldwide websites are not properly optimised, and unfortunately the Business to Business is another of those.

I got a Google alert about the article with the url domain, then I click on the home link and get to - oh no! Crazy that the website is able to accessed by two url’s. 90 pages on the Business to Business, including the home page, and 1160 pages on the excluding the home page. Not the best result for a home page, meant to be the most important page of a website. And the non www versions of the pages are able to be accessed.

Then the titles of the pages are not in line with the content of the article. There are a few titles on main pages accessed from the menu, ie Exporter Issues, but then there is no mention of the phrase “Exporter Issues” on the page. Interestingly enough, due to little competition for the phrases, reasonable Google PR and having the phrase in even just the title has been enough to get many of the category pages ranked on Google. If only all the pages had appropriate titles and also had those words on the pages. There would be that many more pages that ranked on Google, that much more traffic to the website.

Conclusion - So many websites need proper SEO

It seems where-ever I look, there are opportunities for better Search Engine Optimisation. How does your website stack up? While you may have some pages ranking high like on Business to Business, are you missing out on other opportunities?