In need of an independent Septic Tank specialist? Dave Miller Environmental Engineers specialise in []Septic Tanks) and other sewage and wastewater treatment systems.

With any Search Engine Optimisation job, there is the question of how much work you should do on a website? On a 38+ page website, do you optimise every page? If the titles are the same on most pages, do you make them all unique? Do you fix all the html validation issues? Or do you just do enough to get great rankings for the clients main search phrases, and fix the main SEO issues that would get in the way of those pages ranking?

Yes, the job is to get rankings and traffic for the main search phrases, and a number of other parts while nice to have’s are not essential.

  • We have optimised the Dave Miller website homepage for its main search phrases, and taken one internal septic tanks/sewage/wastewater ‘services we offer’ page and optimised it for the same phrases. Having a second page better develops the theme of the website, and gives the possibility of an indented result for the search phrases.
  • I also optimised the ‘about’ page better for the consultant’s name Dave Miller. Its always an interesting question as to whether you optimise an aboutus page, or the contactus page for the business name. The aboutus page will be a great indented result.
  • Email addresses have been hidden from rogue bots using javascript, so there should be less spam coming through.
  • We have added Google analytics onto the website and verified for Google webmaster tools.
  • removed reference to /index.html in the url’s.
  • Then there has been the addition of more inbound links, including links from the Dave Miller Septic Tank listing on Finda, and the Septic Tanks listing on Zoomin Its now several weeks since Google has first cached the home page and the website is starting to rank for the “Septic Tanks” and other phrases. The site has not got to the top overnight, and I expect that it will take several months to get to top 5. Patience is a virtue in this game. - Septic Tanks

DaveMiller - 15th and Finda’s general category page for the phrase is 11th. Lets see what the links from SearchMasters to the Finda and DaveMiller page will do!