I presented SEO101 at a Sharedspace/muli mobile Express Marketing Series presentation this morning 7 June 2013. Three Simple Secrets of Search Engine Optimisation, three starters in the process of properly SEO’ing a website.

Alexy Kojevnikov (muli mobile) "A huge thanks to Michael Brandon of SearchMasters for sharing with us his wealth of knowledge on the subject"
Luigi Cappel Enjoyed your presentation this morning. I heard a couple of ladies in the lift saying they should probably get their company to use you and that your pricing was reasonable
Matt Knight (Sharedspace) Thanks for taking the time to come in and present Michael. 

Great presentation. I have already had some good feedback from some of the attendees.

I was pleased and also surprised that people got value from the Three Simple Secrets presentation - given that I have been presenting it for the last 6 years. How come is it that people have not yet got the basics right on their websites when in the last 6 years, there have been so many more aspects added added to the complexity of internet marketing?

The basics are so powerful and are the foundation to building any website.

  • Search Phrase Selection - what search phrases are people using that you would convert well for?

  • html head tags - dividing up the search phrases into groups per page with 70 character titles (approx) and USP sales pitch 155 character (approx) meta descriptions that broad match the search phrases

  • exact match search phrases in the content of the page - preferably an opening paragraph that includes the main phrases with secondary search phrases such as plurals or reverse orientation of the phrases scattered through the rest of the page

The three points are so simple, yet so often forgotten about in the rush to create a page via a marketing department or content writers. 3 points so simple and so often forgotten about that I still call them secrets.

In all today’s complexity of internet marketing, it is good to make sure that you have addressed the basics and then continue to build.

I used some examples from the Sharedspace.co.nz office rental Auckland website. Check out the Muli Mobile [mobile sites](http://www.mulimobile.com/] website, Alexey Kojevnikov invited me to take the presentation.

I did share my SEO presentation here as a download for a limited time, now removed.