The definition of an SEO - “There is no ‘I’ in Team, nor in SEO” - SEO is an orchestra. Please click through and read. I subscribe to SEO Articles from ientry and every so often comes a gem! Please subscribe yourself.

The article talks about how many web developers do not know how to SEO properly - and I totally support that. So many of the websites that I am SEO’ing are from otherwise competent web developers with many clients and successful businesses. Yet there clients sites are not properly SEO’ed or internet marketed. There may be some aspects of SEO friendliness in the CMS’s, but there is a whole lot more to SEO than a said SEO friendly CMS. And I say “said friendly” because I can generally poke at thousand SEO holes in most cms’s.

SEO should be done not by SEO experts with little technical knowledge, but by the entire team of developers and content populators on a site. Why? Because in this new era of widgets, gadgets, and Web 2.0 hype, building a site with latest and best (aka AJAX, or FLEX / FLASH ) requires numerous techniques in converting what is a non single-threaded and non sequential flow of content, into a bite that search engines can actually take and chew. The web is no longer about flat content sites with flow of text that can try to trick a search engine into associating a phrase or word with them. It is about usefulness and focus of content, delivered in the most user-friendly way with a higher and higher bar raised in User Experience.

I have been debating with myself regarding several clients - should I SEO their current CMS (smaller $), or move them to a more SEO/web 2.0 friendly CMS (we use, and new graphics, and a video on the home page, and blog … Because yes, we are absolutely about internet marketing. And its not just getting people to the top, they then have to convert to sales…

Many skills required!