class=right]img=Press Releases - PRWe**images/default/prweb_logo.gif/img]/class]So what are the Google Benefits of a Press release? Links links and more links get you to the top of the Search Engines. Press releases like are an interesting way of being able to get such links - not only are they shown on high page rank websites, but they are picked up on many other websites and with links gained from them. There are a wide range of similar sites listed on (Link no longer available).

But its not just about links. Press Releases get a lot of eyeballs and these certainly increase the visibility of your website around the world.

How much benefit does having a press release on a USA based service provide New Zealand businesses? Very good question. Most of the news services are definitely USA based, but a link is a link… The PRweb services are even more benefit because they are making you pay for the privilege. This is reducing the spam as compared to when it was a free service. I have seen a number of New Zealand businesses use the service.

What New Zealand services are there? is the press release submission arm of the New Zealand Press Association. The Metropack is only $99 for 500 words and goes to the online websites as well as to the main newspapers. -

Manuka Honey - is one such business, but they could have used the USD200 service to greater effect. The USD200 service allows you to have text links in your article for SEO benefit.

So what do people say against such Press Releases?

Yes, there are issues with having the same worded articles spread around the web. Google can reduce the benefit because it can see the many copies. But there is still a good benefit, if only from the main PRWeb listing that normally ranks well in its own right. Even better is you find a few websites to link into that Press Release, and so give it some more boost.

When PWweb was free, there were lots of detractors, but now it is a paid service, there is more positive comment around. It is certainly only part of a total promotion package.