The Top Schools in America. Well, its a range of Top Schools that I can get affiliate income on. SEO companies should be having their own $ websites. If we are good, then we might as well do it for ourselves sometimes rather than just for clients.

No, the website is not even starting to rank, its rather new. At least another 6 -12 months before I expect even a top 20 for anything. But you have to start somewhere. is a wordpress site that I have SEO’ed rather nicely - note the titles, meta descriptions, h1’s and opening paragraphs. Its all there. Add in a few Google maps, pics from the schools websites and some text, and we have a not bad attempt at an affiliate website. Now the schools and universities market is a little crowded, but there are some people making some serious money promoting education.

I have plans. But there are some issues with how wordpress is able to handle websites with thousands of pages - some solutions have been found… Also some Google issues with having a new website with thousands of pages from day dot. So I will be holding off expanding too fast, for several months more at least.

On the main site, I have a category for Cooling Schools. But I also have a separate website for two subsets of the data - Culinary Schools, and the other phrase they are known as - cooking schools. It has been another interesting exercise to split them out using the one database, and not have too many live links between the group of websites. Subdomains get some of their power from the main website. Having the search phrase in the domain is also another item of power for Google.

What I have learnt from the website - It is possible to get too many links into a website, and so bust it. Maybe not the thing for an SEO person to admit to, but there is nothing like pushing the edges so that you know where the edges lie. And so you know what not to do. I had the site and got tired of waiting for Google to rank it. Yes, sometimes its better to just start again. Google has a long memory. So its now The-Top-Schools. And I will be getting links for it a little slower. So how do you start a website anew? I took the website to a new domain, and did no redirects from the old to new - I did not want any association with something that Google did not like. I took note of all the inbound links via the Google webmaster tools, and changed some of the main ones to link to the new website. I also deleted all the old sites pages from the Google cache using the remove url tool at Google webmaster tools. I did not want an issue with duplicate content.

Now the waiting game, and getting links slower.

Having your own websites, and watching their rankings change over time is a very good way of continuing your SEO education. Go Top Schools!!!