What are the tools for tracking linking strategies of competitors?

Google’s searches show the latest pages added to its index with the following qualifiers:

  • Any time
  • Latest
  • Past 24 hours
  • Past 2 days
  • Past week
  • Past month
  • Past year
  • Custom range…

When you are checking what linking strategies competitors are using, you can do a search, and add up the quantity and quality of the sites they are using for linking, and check against the quality you have received in the same timeframe - even just a casual check can be useful.

The benefit of those links may not be seen for a few hours, as the value of the links is fed into the equation, but you do get to see how active/inactive they have been. And it may be only the tip of the ocean of the number of links that will be found by Google over time, not all of the links may have been spidered.

Yes, this post is based on experiences with the QuadraCentifiable NZ SEO Challenge. While I am ranking top, the quantity of links that both SEOone and Haimings SEOChallenge website are getting are definitely making me aware of the intensity of the competition out there.