How do you go about updating a Godaddy certificate on cPanel? I like to have secure email for clients on my servers - secure pop and smtp via So I have a secure certificate with Godaddy that I have just updated.

In cPanel/WHM, you need to add the certificate details and the private key to “install a new certificate” (being the renewal of an existing one).

I had the certificate download from Godaddy, but I had no idea about what the key was. I would have had the key when first creating it on cPanel. When I renewed it on Godaddy, it had a copy of the key as part of the renewal process. But I didn’t think of copying it down at that time…

So I used the ssh command via putty to find all files that had “.key” as part of the file name: find . -name *.key

I found /var/cpanel/ssl/exim/myexim.key, viewed the copied the contents of the file into WHM “Manage Service SSL Certificates”, and “Install a new certificate”, it validated, and was successfully installed.

Another task completed.