I have just moved all my client sites to a new faster dedicated server, and moved from using DirectAdmin, to cPanel.

In DirectAdmin, you are able to have longer username’s than the max 8 character usernames in cPanel.

I have installed the free ResourceMonitor plugin into cPanel, and have been receiving daily usage reports. The reports have been showing the usernames of top usage of CPU, Memory and Mysql. However some of the users have been showing as numbers.

Numbering for normal users starts at 500 minimum, and you don’t normally get to see those numbers in cpanel.

To find the numbers, use the following:

ssh pico /etc/passwd/

The following is an example of one line of the file with the username being that specific clients username:

The 513 is the userid/UID, and the 514 is the groupid/GID

So for that user 513, I then changed the username to 8 characters or less, and then updated the sites config files to have that shorter username for the mysql database name and username etc.

Another usernumber showing was:

  • 32002 - cPanelHorde - this would be for mail usage
  • dovecot - imap and pop server - interesting to make sure this is not getting too high. I have a number of my clients on a webdrive alternate server so as to reduce the load on my own dedicated server.