What does SearchMasters look like? What will it look like a year from now? I have been sitting on this article for several months. Since its now the end of the year, its an appropriate time to do some future gazing.

I am gathering some interesting quotes from others that I identify with:

I feel this way at times - [Jim Westergren - Important Business Decision](http://www.jimwestergren.com/important-major-business-decision/)
It has come to a critical point in which I impossible can deliver from the demand of service that I get, even if I turn down more than half of the clients. The increase of prices in May did not help. Only keeping up with the e-mail from Swedish and International clients is a full time job. Add to that the running of 50 web sites, 2 forums and a blog.
What do you do in such a situation? Either you employ more staff that can deliver your service, grow your business or you change your business.

I am feeling the same joys of success. I am employing more staff, and now have James McFall and Harvey Kane here in Auckland, and Rafael in the Philippines. We are also sending work to SearchMasters SEO Certified Consultants.

We are starting to get bigger clients, with some corporate clients from Advertising agencies. My job is now changing to that of managing clients and supporting my staff.

I talked with Greg McNamara of GetItUpThere. He has grown large businesses, and is currently working for himself again. His advice was SLOW Growth. I certainly feel the growth issues. New staff take time to train and get up to speed. The business needs to ramp up to get the extra work required to keep them busy… I don’t want to get too big too fast.

Heaps of fun. I am really enjoying the ride.

Another quote from Jim Westergren - New Jobs from clients never ending:

I got some major media coverage in Sweden recently and together with my partner Peter Larsson we made a decision that from now on we only take big jobs for big clients and I increased my rates 3X. Rather do a tip top SEO job to a big client that can really pay than smaller jobs for small sites.
And then I thought, ok now no-one from Sweden will order with these new rates and I have time to complete all the open jobs from before. But I still get orders and interest!

It is an interesting road that we walk, and certainly one that many others have trodden.