With Google looking so closely at the linking strategies for websites, we need to check what links current top ranking websites have coming into their websites.

What is the best spread for link text on incoming links to a website?

MajesticSEO is a great tool for finding out the link text that people use.

In the past, we have used the Google Keyword Tool to find out what people are searching for, then use those phrases as link text.

Link text is the words in the link back to you - ie SEO - SEO is the link text

However, Google has been penalising websites when they have not had a “natural” group of link text phrases coming into their website.

Check over the link spread for the following two random websites. Notice the large number of links that are just their domain, or business name. While the link text “domainname.co.nz” is not a search phrase that we have traditionally targeted, Google is rewarding the sites with good rankings even when they don’t have the link text equating to the search phrase.

For our linking work, we are therefore using more of just the “domainname.co.nz”, or “domainname searchphrase” variations.

For one high ranking site for “Queenstown Apartments”, of the 139 incoming links, they had the following spread:


AnchorText - ExtDomains

pounamu apartments - 30 accommodation in queenstown (www.pounamuapartments.co.nz) - 14 pounamuapartments - 13 [blank - mostly images] - 12 www.pounamuapartments.co.nz - 10 visit website - 6 http://www.pounamuapartments.co.nz/ - 5 website - 5 http://www.pounamuapartments.co.nz - 4 …

gorentals.co.nz ranking 4th for “car hire new zealand” on Google.co.nz

AnchorText - ExtDomains blank - mostly images] - 28 gorentals - 12 car rental new zealand - 11 new zealand car rental - 8 go rentals - 7 auckland car rentals - 6 www.gorentals.co.nz - 6 go rentals new zealand car rental company for all your nz car hire needs. - 6 car hire nz - 5 new zealand car hire - 4 go rentals leaderboard - 4 go rentals mrec winter 2012 - 4 go rentals new zealand - 4 car rentals new zealand - 4 go rentals mrec - 3 go rentals – car rental in new zealand - 3