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A moment by moment blogging of the speakers and my thoughts at the WordCamp Wellington 2011. I am one of the speakers

Vaughn Davis - “Tweet this Book” 13meg download

With all the net stuff around, having a “book” still adds a degree of authority to it Still a way to get into lots of heads.

  • The challenge, “Who am I that I should be an author”
  • Having an opinion, point of difference.
  • Tell it well

Pay with a tweet - once you have tweeted it, you get access to the book/download. Around 15000 downloads since December 2010.

Not something to charge for, but something to add credibility to himself in his advertising business.


Blogging for Children. Target market 10 year olds.

  • 91% of USA tween boys, 93% of US tween girls
  • Approx 18 mill kids play online games
  • 49%$ UK kids writing=boring
  • 56% used social media
  • 61% bloggers, and 56% SNS users said they were good/very good writers.

The minimoss website lets kids write their own blogs on the website.

John Ford from Automattic - the Creators of WordPress - WordPress security

  • vault press - automated WordPress Backups
  • check file permissions - consider 700
  • admin username can be different from “admin”
  • cross tool exploits- … make sure that all your scripts are secure
  • Hardening WordPress
  • exploit scanner
  • updating WordPress with subversion
  • svn status - tells you status of files, whether or not they have been changed.

Julie Starr - the future of News

Interesting, of the 100 in the room, less than 5 had bought and read a newspaper. - selling news stories

They are selling stories - small magazines… places that don’t have the inhouse staff to write, given the economics…

Paul Gibbs - BuddyPress

  • Putting social media into WordPress.
  • Further muddying the waters between forums, and blogs.
  • Builds interaction between members.
  • Building passionate users around a specific niche.

David Farrar Kiwiblog - NZ’s busiest blog

David talked about how his site is on WordPress (previously moveable type). A number of the plugins are not able to be used on the site given the popularity of the site - too server resource intensive.

He makes several posts a day, and people look out for the posts.

He often gets tips, and uses these as pieces to write about/research. He considers it much easier for people to contact him and other bloggers as compared to talking to the newspapers.

My comments regarding SEO

He gets around 1/3 traffic from the search engines, 1/3 from links on other websites, and 1/3 direct.

My public challenge to David Farrar - I do not consider that the 1/3 from search engines is high enough.

When I look at his website, I consider there could be more use of categories that were specifically SEO’ed. However, there is good use of tags. Therefore, the tags pages should be better SEO’ed to reflect the topic of the tag. The tag titles are correct, but there needs to be an h1, then opening paragraph using the tag name, and some general automatic description, or a hand written one about the tag. Then these tag pages would appear more often in searches.

Tags should include multi word phrases that people are likely to be searching for.

Post SEO titles could have more thought to them - what is the subject matter that someone would be searching for relating to the post, then including that phrase somewhere in the post.

I am not sure about the homepage SEO. What is the blog? Why does it exist? Therefore what search phrases would people be typing in, that the blog ought to be found by. Then an h1/opening paragraph using those words would be needed. With the high PR6 homepage pagerank, it is likely that the homepage would rank for some fairly competitive phrases.

Ryan Allen - Scaling Wordpress

The Mad Scientist - per his business card. Works for Envato, Melbourne, Australia wp-cache, wp-supercache, w3-super-cache - all possibilities

Server architecture is very important. wp-cron was taking lots of time - rewrote the wp-cron 404’s trying too hard - 100 database requests

Tools for geeks pingdom - sm alerts wehn site down scout - measure load of server new relic - measure code paths in real time,there is a php mod for it.

Final setup enginex php5.2 monitoring tools database server - disk load not an issue wp-cache plugin modded

Justin Sainton - WordPress group deals plugin

This is big time!!!!!!

Podcasting - Discourse

I loved this presentation. Humour & technology. It was a great presentation to end the day.

Their plugins

  • WordPress for mobile
  • after the deadline
  • akismet
  • blubrry powerpress
  • gravityforms
  • flash video player with html5
  • google analytics for wordpress
  • lightbox gallery
  • simple social *simple yearly archive
  • vipers video quicktags
  • stats
  • mp3tag